The Walking Dead Slot


The Walking Dead Slot

The Walking Dead is a fabulously popular TV horror series put out by U.S. cable network AMC, and is also available internationally now on Fox International Channels. A virus has infected the earth and created an apocalypse, which has killed masses of people and left few survivors, and has also awakened people formerly dead. So survivors not only compete with each other but with zombies as well for their continued survival.

This is a horror show after all so its chock full of a lot of graphic content, which is of course very popular, and the show has a great deal of followers, and its followers tend to be very passionate about it. It is currently in its fifth season with no signs of slowing down.

There are several TV shows that have had slot machines designed around them, of varying quality, but with a show as big as The Walking Dead, leading slot machine Aristocrat wanted to ensure that The Walking Dead slot machine lived up to the standards of the show, and what they came up with does not disappoint.

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The Walking Dead Slot Machine

Slot machines have come a long way lately and if youre wondering about how far they have actually come, you ve got your evidence right here. This isnt just gambling, its gambling intertwined with an engaging experience, one that will especially appeal to those who also love the show of course, but no prior experience is needed to really like this one.

Historically, a lot of the focus on theme based machines is just to bring the theme into view, more of a branding effort than anything else, you like Spiderman for instance and there he is, and the symbols on the reels are also appropriate for the theme, but thats not a big deal really. Its what is behind this facade that really matters to game play though, if a slot is truly to be a game changer.

So whats so great about The Walking Dead slot that stands out so much? Well its all in the work they put into this. Of course there are some show related graphics, but we are not talking about run of the mill stuff here at all, this is state of the art. When you sit down at this machine, it is clear that its mission is not just to let you gamble at it, it is to entertain you, and thats exactly what it does.

The Walking Dead is a penny slot, which ensures that its appeal is pretty wide, and given that you can bet 300 of them per spin, or $3, you just choose the value in this very wide range according to how much you want to play for, and get ready to have a blast doing it.

The Walking Dead Slot Machine

With a maximum jackpot of a cool half a million dollars though, that will surely add to the excitement, although Aristocrat wants you to be immersed in the experience itself as well, and you will. The goal is to get you in their surround seat and keep you there, and from what we have seen so far with this machine, it is very effective in doing that indeed.

The real goal in playing the game is to get to the bonus round, which is a lot like the Wheel of Fortune, only you are on the show this time and watch the wheel go around, and where it lands, well thats not someone else winning this, it is you, which is a whole lot more fun.. The regular play is enjoyable enough though, especially when you hit, and The Walking Dead slot really takes its time with payouts and really allows us to savor the wins fully.

The show is hard core all the way as far as TV shows go and the slot machine based on it is hard core as well as far as slot machines go, thats for sure. This was already Aristocrats most successful slot machine ever even before it hit the casino floor, and has done nothing but impress ever since.

Some slot machines can be relatively boring and the players thirst for a big win is what drives it really, with the rest being more or less fluff, but the industry has been driven in another direction lately, where the game itself now plays a more prominent role in the appeal of playing.

The slot machine version of The Walking Dead is a great example of this trend towards better capturing the potential of slots. Sure, there is a lot of watching reels spin and that's really an integral part of slot machine play, but the folks at Aristocrat asked how they could make this experience more enjoyable and they did a very good job doing so, something you will have to experience yourself to fully appreciate.

Sure, there is a lot of hype with slot machines, and few really live up to it, but this one does a pretty good job. If you dont love the show already, you just may start watching it after playing this thing, although the slot may be even more fun than the show With the wild success that the show has had, this is really saying something.

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